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HENGE - Greeting Earthlings boarding the mothership the fantastic Henge - out of this world 

EAT STATIC  - Ozric Tentacles related - Psychedelic trance at its best 

KEEPERS BREW  Ozric Tentacles related , back by popular demand headlining Sunday with full band & light show  

ELECTRIC KIF One of the best Jazz rock fusion bands from the USA

BLUE SKY ORCHESTRA  - Headlining the opening night Thursday , cant stress how good this band playing 60;s psychedelia American rock 

DR HASBEEN   - Festival hosts performing tracks from there new forthcoming album Revenge of the Cosmic Warriors 

CAPT ROSWELL AND THE LOST ALIEN TRIBE - Festival hosts , psychedelic trance rock - 

DISTANCE FROM ZERO - Really rate this band superb singer songwriters of modern day issues 

DAVID SMALE - Back by popular demand  becoming a Sonic favourite 

THE BATTERY FARM - New to Sonic Rock Solstice heavy rock from Manchester 

BABAL - Back performing after a long lay off , superb theatrical band back by popular demand 

WATERBOARDERS - New to Sonic Rock Solstice - Entertaining Surf rock band from Plymouth , come highly recommended 

THE TIRITH - Another new band to the sonic rock scene - space progressive rock st its best - not to be missed 

SYM & THE SHADY BRANCH BAND ​-  Another new SRS debut - superb rock blues at its best - not tom be missed 

TEENAGE ZOMBIES  - Back by popular demand - rockabilly rock  brilliant 

MOON GOOSE -  Popular festival but new to Sonic Rock Solstice , space psych rock - cant wait 

SACRED ALIEN -  Sonic Rock Solstice scoop - The 80s legends are back - not to be missed 

THE DIRT - New to SRS - unique experimental spoken word to psych sounds 

MENACE - legendary punk rock band  with a big history new to SRS , not to be missed 

SUGAR DARLING  - New to Sonic Rock Solstice - punkish rock band cover a variety of genres 

FLUCTUS QUADRATUM - back by popular demand progressive rock at its best 

THE WATTINGERS , fabulous theatre steampunk band